Noticias del Mundo Español

Dear Parents:

How delightful it has been working with all your children this year! I am very happy to be working with our Lower and Upper Elementary students in-person once again. I look forward to the day when I will, once again, be able to work with our Primary students in-person. Here’s what's been happening in the world of Spanish at Aidan. 

Primary Classes:

The Primary children have been working beautifully in our Spanish classes on Zoom. We enjoy reading books aloud to help the children learn the sounds that are unique to the Spanish alphabet. We also sing songs and repeat poems in Spanish. The children also continue to work with different vocabulary. 

These past weeks the children have enjoyed hearing and identifying the parts of animals, like: La vaca, Lola, tiene cabeza y tiene cola (The cow, Lola, has a head and a tail). We did this exercise with different animals and different parts of the animals’ bodies. The children are also working with the names of places, such as the pharmacy, the post office, and the supermarket. They are using the expression ¿Dónde estás? (Where are you?) and answering, “Estoy en el mercado (I am in the market).”  

Lower Elementary:

The students continue to practice forming sentences and applying parts of grammar. They love to sing the song, “Billy la Bufanda” and “Acá tá.” The students are currently working on a special project. They each chose a specific topic in which they will write sentences in Spanish about their topic, and then will create a design that illustrates their sentences. In class we try to speak only in Spanish so the students become thoroughly familiar with Spanish vocabulary and gain confidence using Spanish in their lives.

Upper Elementary:

In this class, the students continue to expand their knowledge of Spanish by learning new verbs and conjugations. They also continue working with their Spanish textbooks. The students are very busy applying their knowledge of Spanish in different projects. For example, the students decided to write greeting cards in Spanish to President Biden, and we sent the cards to the White House following his Inauguration. It is our hope that the White House will respond to the students soon.

Each student also selected a country and then wrote a short report in Spanish describing that country’s typical food, culture, form of the government, political situation, and more. After completing their reports, each student designed a shoe box diorama representing their chosen country.

For students and their families who will return to Aidan Montessori in the fall: Hasta la vista, Hasta la vista. To the parents of my students who will not be returning, I will miss you all and I wish you the best of luck in the future. 

Señora López

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