Lower School Blog: Thank You from Ms. Vicens

Dear Families, 

In a blink of an eye, we wrap up another successful school year and I couldn’t be more proud of all of our students. They have taken care of one another, taken care of themselves, adapted and adjusted to the continuous changes, while learning and embracing the Montessori world with guidance and joy.  

I look at your children and realize they aren't the same children we welcomed in September. Some children are a bit taller, more verbal, and some children's gross motor skills continue to improve. Over the course of the school year, some children became bathroom independent, while others learned to read. In all, I’ve enjoyed every second of relationship building with your children and consequently with you. Every hug received, every “buenos días,” every interaction was filled with love and respect. 

As I finish my first year as the Head of Lower School and Director of Education at Aidan, I want to express my sincere thanks to our staff, families, volunteers, and every person that allowed me to grow personally and professionally. Everybody’s dedication and hard work served as an inspiration and I will forever be grateful. 

We are already working hard to prepare for the fall semester to ensure a rich and vibrant student experience and we can’t wait to see our families again in September. In the meantime apply sunscreen, wear those sunglasses, and enjoy your summer! 

Cheers to your families and your children for the culmination of another year!

Mariana Vicéns

Head of Lower School & Director of Education

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