Lower School Blog: Return to Routine

Lower School Blog: Return to Routine

As we navigate this fresh start of a new year, it is good to remember that children thrive on routine and predictability. Re-establishing familiar rhythms in the home and gradually reintroducing school routines can provide a sense of security for your child. Consistency is key, whether it's bedtime rituals, mealtime habits, or the structure of their learning environment.

One effective way to ease the transition from vacations to school time is by involving your child in the process. Discuss with them the upcoming return to school and any exciting activities or subjects they look forward to. This not only creates a positive association with school but also encourages open communication about their feelings and expectations.

Meal preparation is another opportunity for collaboration and routine-setting. Involve your child in planning and making lunches together. Discuss the importance of a balanced meal and how it contributes to their energy and focus during the school day. This not only fosters a sense of responsibility, but turns routine tasks into enjoyable, shared experiences.

Returning to a regular bedtime routine is crucial. The quality and duration of sleep significantly impacts a child's well-being and ability to learn. Gradually adjusting bedtime a week before school starts can help reset their internal clock and ensure they are well-rested for the challenges of the new academic term.

Reflecting on the recent vacation period, consider how your child's interests and needs may have evolved. Dr. Montessori's approach of observing and tailoring education to each child's unique requirements is equally applicable at home. Be attuned to your child's new interests and growth areas, and provide them with the necessary tools and support.

Just as seasons change gradually, so does our classroom; we introduce lessons and themes in a way that allows children to assimilate information at their own pace. Similarly, at home, introducing changes or information progressively can help children adapt more smoothly.

Remember, children are still developing their understanding of time, and sudden changes can be overwhelming. Offering a gentle preview of what to expect helps them transition more comfortably. As we embrace this new year, let's nurture an environment that fosters growth, curiosity, and a love for learning.

I hope you had a good time during winter break and enjoyed your family time.


Pamela Vigil

Mountain Silverbell Young Children's Community Teacher

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