From the Head: Springing Forward & Being Present

From the Head: Springing Forward & Being Present

Dear Aidan Community,

We are already nearly a week into March, which means I’m two-thirds of the way through my first year as Head of School at Aidan! 

This is the time of year in Montessori classrooms when we start seeing the oldest in the rooms display incredible maturity and growth. The oldest children in the YCC are speaking so much more. The oldest children in the primary communities are starting to work together in groups and are asking “why?” about everything, while also helping to maintain classroom systems and offering assistance to their younger classmates. And of course, our 6th-year elementary students are demonstrating mastery in their classroom work and starting to display characteristics of adolescence. It’s such a joy to see their growth!

We know they have just a few more months in their classrooms. And as adults, we know this time will pass quickly. I encourage you all to support your children in savoring the last few months of the school year. It’s easy to start looking ahead and planning for the future, but what is best for the children in their development right now is to be firmly in the present moment, fully engaged in the work of their classrooms.

Children who are new this year are finally becoming truly settled and engaged. The classroom environment and community have both become deeply familiar. I see our youngest children easily saying goodbye to their parents and greeting their teachers and classmates with joy. Primary children who were new in the fall look so much older, and they are confidently navigating the classroom. Our youngest elementary children look and act like they’ve been in the elementary classroom forever, engaging in a variety of activities all the while keeping track of classroom rules and expectations.

I feel like I now have a much deeper understanding of how these children who are new to a classroom must feel. In the fall, I learned something new about the school and community every day. However, while there are still some intense days, I have grown in familiarity and confidence with the school much like the children have in their classrooms.

Of course March also brings Aidan’s annual gala—Tropicalia. As you know, all of the proceeds from this event go directly toward the financial aid that we offer to eligible students. I look forward to seeing you there on Saturday. I hope you will give as generously as you are able, and have fun in the process!

This weekend also brings the start of Daylight Savings Time, which means that next week will be a little less calm. We will all welcome some extra daylight on our evening commute, but I will be thinking of you all on Monday morning as you try to get your children out of bed at the “normal” time, which will of course be an hour earlier to their bodies!


Jamie Rue

Head of School

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