From the Head: Returning to Normalcy & Looking Ahead

From the Head: Returning to Normalcy & Looking Ahead

The end of the school year at Aidan is an interesting mix of many, many things to do and a tinge of melancholy. It seems that every day there is an event, a gathering, a ceremony, or a trip. And, as we hurriedly move from one event to the next, there is, in the back of our minds, the thought that the school will soon be empty of students, the halls quiet, the spaces returned to pristine condition. 

I always miss the sounds of the students when they are not here. It’s true that through the summer we’ll dress more casually and have much more uninterrupted time to get things done. Yet, there’s something about looking up to see the children queuing in the hall for recess or overhearing them resolve conflict or problem-solve together that makes a school administrator’s day more meaningful and purposeful. 

The end of this year also causes me to ponder the word, “normalcy.” It was fantastic to have a year that more closely resembled normalcy than the previous two. Of course, there were still mitigation procedures in place and constraints around many of the traditions in which our community revels, but the events that we held were livelier and better attended than most in the recent past. The Auction was spectacular and had the feeling of a community that’s been pent up and is finally out on the town. Evening of the Arts, similarly, felt extra thrilling… almost new. Spring Fling and Commencement should end our year with even more good energy and positive vibes. 

All in all, this has been a good year. Regardless of the pandemic, our finances have stabilized, our admissions for the coming year are strong, and (thanks to all of you) our fundraising has been healthier than ever. Our students have had a good year—and as they pass through our halls and get picked up from the curb during these final days, I look forward to September when they return, a little taller and with slightly changed faces. I joyously anticipate the smiles and greetings on the sidewalk, children’s voices filling the hallways, and the sights and sounds of our classroom communities being up and running,  and the best possible places they can be for our children.

Many wishes for a positive summer for everyone, whether you’re looking to relax, go on adventures, or maybe just catch up on things. May your summers be filled with joy and love.


Kevin Clark

Head of School

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