From the Head: On Community & the Parent Association

Dear Aidan Families,

I’m writing this message on the eve of our first Parents Association (PA) meeting of the year. And, what a year for our PA. Over the summer, we started planning for what our Parent Association might be in our now-virtual world. We went through the very practical exercise of revisiting the calendar for September and October and talked through what events might become virtual. But, we also stepped back and asked ourselves the existential question, “What is the goal of an association that mainly puts on events when in-person events cannot take place?” And, this was a good conversation.

As long as the School cannot welcome children for in-person learning, the School cannot facilitate the gathering of any community members in person. So, what comes of the association that puts on Popsicles in the Park, Fall Festival, the Book Fair and so much more? We really had to pause and ask ourselves: What do we value? What is the value that the PA supports, nurtures, contributes to, grows at Aidan Montessori School? And, the resounding answer is: Community.

The Parents Association is truly the arm of the School that creates and supports community. This has been true every year the PA has been in existence. It will continue to be true even in a year in which people may not gather in person, at least at the outset. And so it is that the PA will continue to support community in these trying times, when it is needed more than ever. Never have people felt more isolated, alone and vacant. 

Tomorrow morning (as I write this) I am excited to see our community gather, albeit virtually, for our inaugural 2020-2021 Parents Association Meeting. I don’t know how many people will be there, or who they will be. I’ll miss the coffee and personal interactions that are such standards of our usual meetings. But, if all we have is a screen, then a screen will have to do. I hope I see many smiling faces on my screen in the morning, and I hope everyone begins to re-associate themselves with the good feelings that come from being a member of our community.

While the School may not be officially coordinating in-person events for at least the near future, I hope our community is able to find its own footing and support each other. Please, reach out to each other, remind each other that you are there. Be creative, resourceful and community-minded.


Kevin Clark

Head of School

Follow Up: The Parent Association Meeting took place on Friday, September 25. In case you missed it, you can watch the meeting recording here. If you need to get in touch with the PA, contact this year's PA Chair, Jenny Nuber or Vice Chair, Lauren Ackil

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