From the Head: New Year, New Mission

From the Head: New Year, New Mission

Happy New Year! It’s such a delight to see the happy faces of all the children after winter break. They are always eager to return to their classrooms, their communities, and the work they get to explore. 

Here at Aidan, we are starting the New Year with a new mission statement. One big project we have been focused on this fall is completing our accreditation process with the Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools. As part of that process, I worked with a subcommittee of the Aidan board to analyze our current mission statement and review our strategic plan. We then drafted our new mission statement, which was unanimously approved by the full board. I am excited to share it with you:

Aidan’s mission is to help children realize their full potential and become independent, self-motivated, personally and socially responsible citizens of the world. We do this by following the principles of Montessori education and by cultivating a community centered on curiosity, respect, humanity, and peace. We embrace diversity, striving to maintain an inclusive, equitable environment, where every individual feels a genuine sense of belonging.

Here at Aidan, we strive to get to know each child in our care, and respond to each child in just the way that child needs. We highly value the relationships we have with every family, and we enjoy having families visit the school and participate in our events. 

I keep our mission at the forefront of my mind each day in my work with students, staff, and parents. It guides me in every decision I make. I hope you will also find inspiration in our mission statement as we work together to make Aidan as great as it can be.

With best wishes for the New Year,


Head of School

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