From Mariana Vicéns: Do You Know About Echo Hill Outdoor School?

From Mariana Vicéns: Do You Know About Echo Hill Outdoor School?

Since 1972, Echo Hill Outdoor School has been inspiring future environmental stewards through the magic of playing, learning, and exploring in the outdoors. Today, more than 6,500 students and teachers from 12 Maryland counties annually visit Echo Hill Outdoor School’s extensively-wooded Bayside campus to experience the wonder, curiosity, and intense learning sparked by lessons in nature’s classroom.

At Aidan, we take pride in supporting the Upper Elementary children who get to visit the wonderful Echo Hill Outdoor School. Year after year, the older children spend an overnight trip with adventure and outdoor education components, beautifully tailored and customized to our particular community. It is an opportunity for the children to strengthen their community through “challenge by choice” activities where the children support each other through new experiences outside of our typical classroom setting. From outdoor adventure courses to aquatic studies on the Bay, the children will have the chance to get muddy, hike, and explore the Chesapeake landscape. 

The Echo Hill staff members encourage students to pursue independence while recognizing the importance of the group. Teachers stress the importance of the following skills: working together in class; expressing opinions with confidence; listening to and respecting classmates' ideas; thinking creatively; having a positive attitude; and taking personal responsibility in the dining hall and tent areas.

Keep an eye on Aidan’s social media for Echo Hill updates in early November and memorable photos of the children in action on the trip!


Mariana Vicéns

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