A Message from Aidan's Board Presidents

A Message from Aidan's Board Presidents

Dear Aidan Community,

Over the past several years, when we have all been challenged by the global pandemic, we have been lucky to have the steadfast leadership of our Head of School, Kevin Clark. Kevin’s tireless work ethic and commitment to Aidan Montessori have kept our community safe and strong throughout this exceedingly tumultuous time. 

We are writing today to let you know that Kevin has informed the Board that the 2022-2023 school year will be his last one at Aidan. He has accepted a wonderful opportunity to serve as Head of School at Lexington Montessori School, a school in the Boston area, mere miles from where he grew up. We are thankful that we have had Kevin as Head of School for the past six years and that we will continue to benefit from his leadership in the coming school year. Not only has Kevin successfully shepherded Aidan through difficult times, but he is leaving the school on a high note. Accomplishments from the past school year alone are numerous: Aidan’s retention and enrollment rates are strong, the school is financially well-positioned, fundraising is extremely healthy, and community morale is positive. We are also pleased to report that our community is far more diverse than in prior years and is all the better for it—and that Kevin and his team should be credited for recognizing that the work of diversity and inclusion is important and necessary work for our school.  On a personal note, it has been a pleasure to work closely with Kevin as a trustee and as Board President.  

By informing the Board of Trustees of his plans more than a year in advance, Kevin has enabled us to make this transition as smooth as possible. Our task is to select a Head who will build on Kevin’s legacy and also continue to lead a school that remains true to its Montessori mission. The Board is happy to say that the process of managing a national search for Aidan’s next leader is already well underway. We have convened a Search Committee and identified a highly regarded national search firm with extensive experience in placing candidates at Montessori schools. As we work through the process, we will regularly update the community and offer opportunities for stakeholders to provide input.

This past year, we celebrated the school’s Diamond Anniversary—60 years of being the gold standard for Montessori education in the region. The Board of Trustees is confident that Aidan will continue its legacy of strong, compassionate, and forward-looking leadership. We thank you in advance for your support during this process.

With gratitude,

Rachel Li

Board of Trustees, President (Outgoing)

Zoya Davis

Board of Trustees, President (Incoming)

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