Fall Festival and 60th Birthday Party

On October 3rd, the Aidan community enjoyed our Fall Festival and 60th Birthday Party at Macomb Recreation Center’s beautiful park and playground. It was a truly delightful event—full of enough warm sunshine, friendly conversation, and autumnal activities to transform anyone’s weekend from good to marvelous!

So, in the midst of the post-event glee, here are some of our favorite parts of Fall Festival/60th Birthday Party to help you relive (or experience for the first time) all of its autumnal goodness.

Pumpkin Crafts

Our children flexed their creative muscles while painting and decorating mini pumpkins. How would you decorate your own pumpkin?

Parachute Games

Is there anything better than having some good, old-fashioned fun with a parachute? Our families had a blast waving, playing hide-and-seek with, and bouncing colorful balls on our rainbow parachute!


A bubble machine in the park? That sounds like a perfect Sunday! Our families loved chasing bubbles around the playground.

Scavenger Hunt

I spy with my little eye: families adventuring together during the Fall-themed scavenger hunt!


It was such a joy to see all of our students, parents, and staff enjoying in-person conversations! We are so grateful for such a resilient, dedicated community that loves to have fun together.

Cake Pops

These Aidan-colored cake pops were certainly a highlight of our Fall Festival. It was so fun to celebrate Aidan’s 60th Birthday with these sweet treats!

It will be difficult to top this year’s Fall Festival, but we are so excited to try in 2022. Happy Autumn, everyone—and Happy 60th Birthday to Aidan Montessori! 

Do you have some favorite pictures or memories from Fall Festival? Share them with us at community@aidanschool.org

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