Elementary Science Fair Presentations

During the Science Fair, Elementary students present science-learning projects to fellow students, faculty, staff and the community. Lower Elementary students work on displays with explanations, and Upper Elementary students perform and present experiments using the scientific method. On Thursday, April 28, Aidan's elementary students in Magnolia, Red Oak, and Sweet Gum presented their Science Fair projects to the community. 

Because this year's Science Fair was held in-house during the school day parents were unable to attend. As a result, we've recorded each presentation so that families can join in on the fun at home. Click the links below to view this year's project by class. The passcode is "aidanscience".

View Elementary Science Fair Presentations

The Science Fair is part of a three year rotation of large form student research and presentation, the other two years in the cycle include Historical Figure Research and Geographical/Cultural Research.

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