Book Fair Recap & Thanks!

On October 24th, we celebrated Aidan’s annual Book Fair at Politics and Prose—a time-honored Aidan tradition that our community looks forward to every year! 

How It Works

Each Autumn, Aidan partners with a local, independent bookstore, Politics and Prose, to throw a Book Fair. Every time a participant purchases a book, part of the proceeds go towards Aidan. These funds help Aidan thrive, grow, and continue to serve our community. 

Additionally, participants can also donate books they purchase, and these books can be donated either directly to Aidan’s library or Bright Beginnings.

Why We Do the Book Fair

Not only is the Book Fair a wonderful way to engage our community, support a local book store, and stock your personal bookshelves, but it’s also a way for the school and friends of the school to give back. 

Bright Beginnings is a nonprofit that delivers education, therapy, and social services to children and families experiencing homelessness in the Washington, DC area. Bright Beginnings is truly a sensational organization with a 30-year history in our city, and it is Aidan’s delight to serve them each year through the Book Fair. 

By donating books to Bright Beginnings, you are enabling education and giving joy to children and families all over the DC area, and that is no small feat. It is always so exciting to see our friends give back through the Book Fair!

All this to say, if you or your family purchased books for Aidan or Bright Beginnings: thank you! Your support of our school and Bright Beginnings means more than you know. 

To date, we have received approximately 50 books for Aidan's library, 30 books for Bright Beginnings, and have raised almost $700 for the school! If you haven’t already, you can drop off all books in the Aidan lobby—there are marked bins awaiting your donations (one bin for Aidan and one bin for Bright Beginnings). 

Here are some of the books we’ve received so far for Aidan’s library:

And here are some of the books we’ve received for Bright Beginnings:

Again, thank you to everyone who participated in our Book Fair, and to Politics and Prose for hosting this event! 

We’re already excited for next year’s Book Fair.

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