Announcing the Spring Musical...

Announcing the Spring Musical...

Dear Aidan Families, 

Are you ready for our next musical adventure? I know Upper and Lower Elementary students at Aidan sure are! Riding the waves of last year's phenomenally successful performance of "The Lion King," we are beyond excited to dive into preparation on this year's musical. Based on the classic from Lewis Carroll—join us as we fall down the rabbit hole in Aidan's rendition of "Alice in Wonderland." 

Our Upper Elementary students will fill the main cast of characters and have already begun practicing their parts. Additionally, our first and second year students will be performing as “Playing Cards” and will all select which suit they will represent. Our third year students will be portraying “Pop-Up Flowers and Mushrooms” and will get to select their own type of flower or mushroom they will be embodying.

The excitement in the classrooms is electric and I cannot wait for all of our community to be part of this musical experience! Just like last year, there will be a lot of makeup on the day of the show, so if you are available to assist in makeup application please let me know! We will soon be sharing a link to our "Musical Parent Folder” containing practice materials, costume details, volunteer sign-up, and other helpful videos and links. 

The Musical is a community event and free to attend. We warmly invite all Aidan families and friends to save the date and join us. This year's event will take on place on Friday, April 19 at 7 PM, and we will once again be returning to UDC's Theatre of the Arts. 

Thank you all for everything you do to enrich your children's lives with music; it is such a joy to work with them and with Aidan. See you in Wonderland!

All the best, 

Nichole Savage


Find below a picture of Lucia in her Halloween costume, looks familiar doesn't it? 

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