A Look Inside Aidan’s Physical Education - Fall 2021

Our school reopening with ALL of our students together has been so joyous and exciting! It’s enabled us to reconnect with friends, learn from each other, and resume many of our favorite activities. Aidan’s Physical Education program has greatly benefited from our return. We have been able to step away from our makeshift exercise rooms at home and stretch our legs together outside! 

Here’s an update on what we’ve begun to work on and what is still to come:

Primary PE 

Our energetic Primary students have had a blast with their warm up routines and running games so far. We begin every class with basic exercises like jumping jacks, squat jumps, and even pushups! During our warmup, we also perform many stretches to help treat our bodies with love. After the warm up, the students are eager to really move! We’ve begun with “Red Light, Green Light” with a couple of silly twists (who knew that Disco Lights were a part of our traffic light system?). Our students have also taken to the ocean in our captivating rendition of “Sharks and Minnows”. While these games do wonders to expend our energy, they also help us work on our footwork, stopping and starting, and body awareness.

Activities on the horizon include obstacle courses, “Freeze Tag”, and a new game called “Dinosaur Island”! We will also be adding some new games involving throwing and catching to begin developing our fine motor skills. 

Elementary PE

Our Elementary students have hit the ground running with a few of our fan-favorite activities. We began with “Red Rover” and “Sharks and Minnows”, which we typically play as tagging games. To add a challenging wrinkle, we played those games by wearing flag belts. This gave our Red Rovers and Sharks the additional practice of grabbing flags while running. It also gave the runners additional ideas to work on evasive running, such as jumping and juking. These running and evading games served as the perfect warm up for the heavily demanded “Capture the Flag”. Our version of this game ensures that every student is engaged and an important part of their team. Students can focus on scoring points, playing strategic team defense, rescuing teammates from jail, creating distractions, actively communicating, and much more! 

Activities on the horizon include wiffle ball, floor hockey, and many throwing-based games!

Stay active,

Phillip Katinas

Director of Auxiliary Programs and PE Teacher

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