6th Year Exhibition Project Presentations

This year, our 6th Year students have prepared to present their Exhibition projects on the evening of May 27, 2021 at 7:00 PM. You are all warmly invited to attend the presentations live at a special Zoom event! 

6th Year Exhibitions Zoom Link

The 6th Year Exhibition project is a tradition at the school that has evolved over the years, but the core of this endeavor remains intact. Each 6th Year chooses a highly personalized topic and commits to an independent study where they pursue a deep knowledge of their topic and then share their findings with the school community. They share their progress with an advisor and work largely outside of school. Topics from previous years have ranged from the history of espionage, to the study of plasma, to the study of artificial intelligence, to a cultural study of the 1980s in the USA! Some exhibitions have included interviews, artifacts, costumes, and artistry.

We've never hosted this event on Zoom before, so the children have adapted to the format accordingly. Some of our 6th Years appreciate the element of surprise, and have requested to reveal their project topics on the day of their live presentations. I won't spoil the fun, so you'll have to tune in on May 27 and find out what Jasper Bowman, Hayes Cooper, Bruno Daming-Santiago, Everett Parker, and McKenna Purse have to share!

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