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Watch these Videos, and See the Montessori Work Cycle in Action
Watch these Videos, and See the Montessori Work Cycle in Action

We're excited to share these time-lapse videos with you, because they give incredible insight into how a Montessori work cycle works at both the Toddler and Primary levels. They were taken at Dundas Valley Montessori School in Ontario, Canada by photographer Lindsay Palmer - and give beautiful and unique insight into what happens at schools like Aidan, all over the world.

We say these are unique because they encapsulate the sequence of what might happen over the entire work cycle in a brief period of time. From our photos and your observations, because they are brief and parents and cameras are distracting, this is hard to grasp. We hope, though, that this will help you understand what children do each day here at Aidan, too.


Watch this child - from when he arrives, through his work, with his classmates, following his own interests, creating a world of color, caring for his environment, putting materials away, eating, cleaning up, cooperating, writing, reading, counting, in community, having a very happy Montessori day!


Look at the cycle of a Toddler Montessori day! Change shoes. Use the toilet. Wash hands. Make choices. Prepare food. Clean up. Wash cloths, dishes, windows, tables, countertops. Expand vocabulary. Read. Create beauty. Enjoy a meal civilly. Clean up. Get dressed. Discover nature. Prepare food. Clean up. Use toilet. Sing, laugh, dance, wiggle. Sleep. Busy, never stopping, creating ME!

We cannot thank DVMS and Palmer enough for the beautiful light they've shined on what Montessori schools do, and hope that you benefit from their creations.