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Things You May Not Know about Autumn Wilson, Primary Teacher
Things You May Not Know about Autumn Wilson, Primary Teacher

Some things you may not have read about Autumn in her Official Bio:

  • Autumn is a theatre person! Before she became a Montessori teacher, she was the Production Manager for the Washington Revels, a local organization she's still very much involved in, along with her whole family.
    • As in prior years, you can catch Autumn in this year's Christmas Revels. Per the lady herself, "It will be a wonderful, family-friendly celebration, as the Revels is every winter solstice. This year, the theme is French Canadian, and I hope many of you can work it into your busy December, as it is an experience like none other!"

      Autumn says that the Revels aren't religious, and highlight different cultures' winter celebrations each year. She particularly loved one theme that centered on Andalusia a few years ago, because it is such a cultural crossroads.
  • Autumn has a really bad long term memory. Whenever her siblings or parents reminisce about fond memories of her childhood, they are amazed to find how little she remembers. We found this out when asking about her favorite such memory, and she drew a blank.
  • Autumn DOES, however, fondly remember a place where she spent much of her childhood: a farmhouse, contructed in the 1700s. While her family lived there, her dad rebuilt the house's insides over the course of about 20 years - and sometimes her entire family lived in three rooms near the kitchen despite the house's three floors. She says this points out how flexible her mother was, particularly since priority #1 was not renovating the house but pouring a perfect concrete slab near the old barn for a half-size basketball court. Athletics were a big deal in her family.
  • Autumn didn't attend a Montessori school. She went to a part-time church preschool until she started public kindergarten, and she says she enjoyed it but fit the mold, loving rules and copying and having things finished and done right. Watching her brothers struggle and be unhappy in the very same program, though, introduced her to the thought that it didn't fit everyone. She says she also completely missed out on practical life skills - she didn't learn how to cook, sew, create things, or take care of herself. If she had, she suspects she'd be "more of a hippie" - making everything from scratch, including knitting, baking, and gardening.
  • Autumn has what she calls an "uber competitive side." At UMD, she played Division 1 Volleyball.