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Spanish Update: October, 2017
Spanish Update: October, 2017

by Natalia Lopez, Spanish Teacher

Let's Go, Spanish! Here's what we've been up to this month.

Lower Elementary:

The students are working with the Spanish vocabulary for clothing, food, and animals to make sentences. At the same time, the children are using the names of the colors within their sentences as adjectives. They are also learning, and using, the present indicative verbs "to have," "to look," "to play," and "to eat" in their sentences. The children are learning a song "Amigo" from the Brazilian singer, Roberto Carlos. Finally, the children played some games to practice the vocabulary that they have previously learned as a refresher.

Upper Elementary:

The students continue working on their Spanish workbooks and writing sentences to apply the new grammatical terms they are studying. They wrote and drew about their autobiographies - please find them on the bulletin board in the front hallway of the school, and take a moment to read them and enjoy the accompanying artwork they created in the past month (we've included some pictures below, too!). We are also learning the song "Amigo" of Roberto Carlos.

Please sing and practice with your children:


Tú eres mi hermano del alma

Realmente el amigo

Que en todo camino y jornada

Estás siempre conmigo

Aunque eres un hombre

Aún tienes alma de niño

Aquel que me da su amistad

Su respeto y cariño

Recuerdo que juntos pasamos

Muy duros momentos

Y tú no cambiaste por fuertes

Que fueran los vientos

Es tu corazón una casa de puertas abiertas

Tu eres realmente el más cierto

En horas inciertas