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Remembering Our First Peace Day Celebration at Aidan
Remembering Our First Peace Day Celebration at Aidan

Our students came together to make Aidan's First Peace Day Celebration an amazing occasion this year. It was a beautiful occasion, and like so many times our community comes together at Aidan, it left the adults here in awe of the work, thoughtfulness, and creativity of our students.

You can see photos of the event at this link, on our Facebook page. We were very glad that our Primary children were able to join the Elementary for this event - it was wonderful to see everyone so happy to be together. Students sang "Light a Candle for Peace" in English, Chinese, and Spanish. There were also readings of selected poetry, and one Elementary student led a guided meditation for all assembled. Finally, Elementary students planted their handmade pinwheels - for "whirled" peace - in front of the school, and the Upper Elementary raised a peace flag over Aidan.

Aidan community members logged into the portal can also view a video of the event, here:

We're looking forward to joining other schools around the world again to celebrate this day in years to come.