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Preparing for the Phantom Tollbooth Musical with Art
Preparing for the Phantom Tollbooth Musical with Art

by Eva Esparza, Music Teacher

It's that time of year again when the entire Elementary program is bustling with excitement over our Spring musical. As you might already know, we are in the beginning process of putting together this year's Musical,The Phantom Tollbooth. Please save the date for Friday, April 27, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Marriott Wardman Park - across the street from Aidan.

On January 19, our movie night of the 1970 mostly-animated film The Phantom Tollbooth was a really fun way for the students to kick off this big project. This movie night was not just kids sitting and watching a movie, eating pizza and popcorn - although we did that too...😊 Elementary students were encouraged and inspired to create artwork for the program and poster. Before we presented the movie, Ms. Skor and I discussed symbolism found in program/poster art and showed the students many examples of other dynamic program/poster artwork. Students had to think about how their images were going to represent the story.

Being able to capture the essence of a story in one image is a sophisticated assignment that would be challenging for much older students. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much artwork was produced from the movie night event. I have already handed over huge piles of program artwork to my colleagues Ms. Sherman-Marks and Ms. Espiritu, who are using it to design our program cover. As we did last year in our program for Peter Pan, we will plan to incorporate a variety of artwork from the children throughout the program. Our programs are becoming these beautiful keepsakes! Speaking of beautiful keepsakes, I highly encourage parents to buy ads in the program and send "well wishes" to your Aidan student! Many parents bought ads last year in the program and the programs were beautiful! If you are interested in buying an ad, take advantage of the discounted pricing right now. For more details on this, please contact Jessica Allen Young.

You can find some pictures of the movie night in this month's album of photos from around Aidan, starting here.

Children are still eagerly submitting artwork for the program. We have just cast the show and are in the process of highlighting our scripts. The Lower Elementary classes are reading The Phantom Tollbooth aloud together and the kids seem to be enjoying the many word puns in this story.

For those of you who are not familiar with the story, here is a full synopsis of our script.

All of the Elementary students have been encouraged to submit costume design work of the many characters in the musical. I have already received many beautiful, thoughtful, detailed renderings. Once we take all of these ideas into consideration, I will be sharing the program artwork and costume designs on the bulletin board walls of the school.

For now, here are a few costume design renderings from our children (which we will add even more images to as we receive them!):

It is such an enjoyable experience to work with such creative, enthusiastic children! Thank you!