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十月 October
十月 October

by Minfang Maguire, Chinese Language Teacher

This month, we're practicing writing new words and sentences with a calligraphy brush. The students learned about the four treasures of study ( 文房四宝 ): calligraphy brush, ink stick, ink stone, and paper.

On the other side of the classroom, the students were making their own flashcards. We colored and cut the pictures from classroom stationary - telling time and things about Halloween. They will match the pictures to the Chinese characters and their pinyin.

This month's key vocabulary is 竹子 (zhu zi:bamboo. After watching a documentary: A bite of China--Gifts from Nature, we learned more about the variety of vegetable choice in Chinese cuisine. In the film, we saw how farmers cut the bamboo sprout and picked lotus root, among other things.

I brought in fresh bamboo shoots and lotus root to show the class. We dissected them and see their unique forms. Everyone got so hungry watching the film. One student said: Chinese people are so blessed to eat so much good food and have soup everyday!

竹笋 (zhu sun: bamboo shoot)

莲藕 (lian ou: lotus root)

万圣节快乐( wan sheng jie kuai le ) Happy Halloween!