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November in Spanish
November in Spanish

by Natalia Lopez, Spanish Teacher

We hope you enjoy the photos above, from Lower Elementary! Here's what they show:

Top Left: This photo shows student's applying their known vocabulary into personal sentences.

Top Right: After applying vocabulary into their work, students were able to create their own stories and then share them with the rest of the class. In particular, this student wrote on the topic of USA navy.

Bottom Left: This photo you can see one student explain the process of conjugation to another fellow student. Specifically, the conjugation of "ar" verbs.

Bottom Right: In our final picture, we see two students working with proportionate verbs to incorporate full sentences with the intent of providing a description on their topic.

In this classroom, we continue to practice the song "amigos" as well as learn the topic of the holiday, "Day of the Dead." Also, they make skulls that represent this holiday.

Meanwhile, Upper Elementary students are learning about poetry. Students are reading poems from famous authors from Spain and Latin America.

We are continuing working in our Spanish books as well as learning about the, "Day of the Dead."

Lastly, we continue working on the song "Amigos" and having conversations using the vocabulary.

See you next month!