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十一月 November
十一月 November

by Minfang Maguire, Chinese Language Teacher

In Lower Elementary Chinese, we're reading a book about Yu the Great ( 大禹 dà yǔ), who wisely controlled the floods in ancient China. In this book, there are some bad spirits to add drama and entertainment. When we read a story like this, we talk about what is true and what is false. We talked about how ancient Chinese stories are often full of xiǎng xiàng lì(imagination)to engage readers and to idolize the important people in history.

November is a month of expressing gratitude to people and a month of food. Before working on the vocabulary of Thanksgiving, we played the game, "Ordering breakfast in a restaurant." In this game, students learned to order food and drinks, to understand how to use measuring words, to calculate in Chinese, and to take orders by reading Chinese. This was such a great and complex activity, and it engaged every learning style! Some students even volunteered in my kitchen to "prepare the food," which means they love to speak more Chinese!

What do you eat for breakfast?

  • 麦片 mài piàn :Oatmeal
  • 面包 miàn bāo :Bread
  • 煎饼 jiān bǐng:pancake
  • 鸡蛋 jī dàn : egg
  • 牛奶 niú nǎi : milk
  • 水果 shuǐ guǒ : fruit
  • 酸奶 suān nǎi / 优格 yōu gé : yogurt or yogurt drinks
Happy Thanksgiving, gǎn ēn jié kuài lè!