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Colors, Artwork, and an Alumna on the Stage
Colors, Artwork, and an Alumna on the Stage

by Natalia Lopez, Spanish Teacher

In the month of April, the U.S. celebrates "National Poetry Month" and so do we in the classroom - especially in the Primary classes. I could not let April go by without sharing some of my favorite Spanish poems, and teaching them to the kids.

Primary Classes

In the Primary classes we are learning Spanish poems from a book called Colors! ¬°Colores! By Jorge Lujan & Piet Grobler. The kids learn poems about different colors in Spanish from this book.

Lower and Upper Elementary

In these classes the students are working on projects for the Evening of the Arts. Here are some examples of the student work.

Note to Parents

I hope some of you got a chance to see the play Maria & Cecilia Zarzuela a la Cubana. One of the main characters, "Cecilia," was a former student of mine in one of the Primary classes here at Aidan Montessori. The show dates were April 22-29 at the Gala Hispanic Theater. What a joy to see an Aidan student on stage as a professional actress and singer, especially as this past week we had our own Spring Musical. I wonder how many of the current Aidan students will end up on stage a decade from now? Time will tell.

Muy Atentamente,

Senora Lopez