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Aunty Aidan: On Digital Dinner Dilemmas
Aunty Aidan: On Digital Dinner Dilemmas

Dear Aunty Aidan,

Made the mistake of handing my phone to my wiggly son while waiting in a restaurant. How do I go back?

Hitting Delete

Dear Delete Wisher,

Meal time should always be family-only time whether at home, at grandma's, or in a restaurant, whether it's just for the usual dining or for that special celebration. In other words, NO electronics or media amusements should "come to the table."

Next time you're out, apologize to your son for letting him use your phone the last time. Remind him (and please make this be the truth) that "in our family," we value our meal times together and hold those moments as precious. Set an example. Don't answer your phone during dinner. No interruption is more important than being in his company.

To minimize the wiggles, keep those little hands busy with crayons he has brought along in his backpack, a little baggie of Legos, appetizers ordered quickly, a walk to the bathroom to wash up, or a look out the window to count the blue cars and then graph the results. His engaging smile will delete your mistake(s) every time.

Aunty Aidan