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As Commencement Draws Near, Aidan Thinks of Its Alumni
As Commencement Draws Near, Aidan Thinks of Its Alumni

Aidan's 2017 Commencement will take place on June 8 - less than one month from today.

As we worked on this year's program in preparation for a great send-off for our wonderful graduates, we remembered two beautiful pieces that have often been part of the program in years past. We hope that Aidan's community generates successors to these works as present and future generations pass through our halls.

Meanwhile, we wanted to share these two pieces here, especially for alumni families for whom they may evoke fond memories. Enjoy!

Aidan Blessing Music adapted from John Rutter - Words by Kathy Minardi

May you enter the world in peace.

May the light of Aidan be your guide.

May its spirit give you courage.

May its lessons be ever at your side.

When you come to a place where

you see a need,

May you serve with compassion and with grace.

May you honor all people.

May kindness be ever on your face.

The Aidan Spirit By Jaquelin Weymouth

I began,

As an idea,

A phantom,

Simple thought

And then became


As my place,

Simply bought.

She cared for me,

Breathing gently on my flame

And with her warmth

Expanded I,

Then split in half,

In half,

In half again,

A hundred halves in half,

Is what happened then.

And now I have,

A hundred places too,

For I dwell,

In each of you.

Care for me,

Keep me bright,

And you too,

Shall shine with light.