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A Note from Your Toddler this Holiday Season
A Note from Your Toddler this Holiday Season

Dear Parents of Mine,

I want so much to be a part of our family's holiday celebrations. Here are a few things you should consider before we begin a "project."

  • You need to know what skills I have. I could make a garland because I can string beads (or macaroni or life savers but not popcorn). I'm not very good with scissors yet but I sure can paint. Maybe you could buy some plain paper and I could paint it to use to wrap gifts. I can arrange some greenery in a bowl to brighten our dining room table's center.
  • Prepare the space by having nearby everything we'll need from start to finish. I like to wear an apron and I'm pretty good at wiping up any spills. You could keep the supplies handy in a basket or on a shelf so I could repeat the work any time I want.
  • Please isolate the difficulty. Asking me to draw, cut, paste and wrap all in one sitting is setting me up for a tantrum. (Sorry.) Show me what to do with simple and precise movements.
  • Kindly be realistic in your expectations. I'm usually satisfied with my results even if they are not perfect.

All my love,

Your Toddler