Strategic Plan

By 2020, Aidan Montessori School will secure our position as a leading option for both early and middle childhood education within the Washington, DC region. We reaffirm our commitment to ensuring the viability of our School and its defining elements—our CHILDREN, our CULTURE, and our COMMUNITY—and will continue to build upon Aidan’s reputation for academic excellence while rising to meet the evolving needs of our families and an increasingly global society.

A Vision for Aidan

Aidan’s Strategic Plan, Aidan 2020: Envisioning Our Future, Embracing Our Past, is the culmination of more than two years of collaborative and insightful dialogue with our entire community. Our Plan provides an outline of our School’s long-term aspirations as well as actions to support short-term progress, and affirms our commitment to the Montessori principles at the core of Aidan’s foundation. Objectives focus on three defining elements of the Aidan experience: our children, our culture, and our community.

Our Core Values

As we look to the future, we also remain grounded in the core values at the heart of our foundation—nurturing independence, inspiring empathetic leadership, and cultivating a love of learning—that enable our educators to unleash the greatest potential within each child.


Our Children

  1. Incorporate new innovations in teaching and learning that substantiate our Montessori Method.
  2. Continue to apply new tools in social and emotional learning.
  3. Enrich our Elementary curriculum, and extend the school day so enhancements do not interfere with work cycles.
  4. Emphasize our efforts in providing a superior Upper Elementary experience.
  5. Bolster our after-school enrichment program.
  6. Affirm our commitment to supporting and developing our faculty and staff.

Our Culture

  1. Reaffirm our Montessori values.
  2. Improve Aidan’ student retention.
  3. Establish a more effective and meaningful framework to support transitioning students.
  4. Enhance the Aidan Program for Families.
  5. Reaffirm our commitment to diversity.

Our Community

  1. Improve parent communications, update our brand, and monitor our communication and marketing efforts.
  2. Fine-tune our identity and launch an updated website.
  3. Implement an improved approach to student assessments in a fashion that aligns with our Montessori principles.
  4. Work to continually maximize our current facilities and adopt a staged approach to realizing our property goals.

Next Steps

Aidan’s administrators, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees will continue to play a supportive, active, and critical role in the Plan’s study and implementation, ensuring the document is utilized effectively as a springboard for an ongoing, vibrant conversation with the Aidan community. Teams within the administration and Board are being tasked with developing the finer details of the implementation. Progress will be reviewed on a quarterly basis, and the community will be kept apprised through forthcoming features in Aidan’s School Notes e-newsletter and an annual open Board of Trustees meeting.

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