Mrs. Gloria Jauregui

Faculty Information

Sassafras Faculty, Toddler
Young Children's Community Teacher, Sassafras Class

Contact Information


MA, Montessori Education, Loyola University, Baltimore Maryland
Diploma, Primary (3-6), Washington Montessori Institute
AMI Diploma Assistance, Infancy (0-3), Stoppani Montessori Center for Guides
Diploma, School Leadership and Management, Harvard University
Diploma, Accounting and Financial Sciences, Pacific University, Peru

Other Information


Gloria Jauregui has over 20 years of experience working with young children and parents in different settings. She worked with private families for many years as a nanny and Spanish and math tutor. Eventually, Gloria had the opportunity to become a talent recruiter, helping families with the process of finding Nannies, Au pairs, and tutors internationally. This experience gave her a different perception of families, and she discovered that although all parents have similar concerns and needs regarding the care of their children, it was also necessary to understand and genuinely accept the particularities of each family and adapt and adjust as necessary to meet their needs. Gloria also offered guidance and support to a new school in Morocco while they were opening and also virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gloria is now the mother of a 3-year-old girl, and feels that her current situation, in addition to her broad experience, allows her to be in a privileged position to connect better not only with children but also with their families and to work together in partnership.

Gloria has a family of three but also has a wonderful extended family worldwide. They enjoy a simple life, full of traveling, watching the sunsets, having meals together, watching soccer matches, and keeping in touch with their extended family and friends.