Diversity and Inclusivity

Aidan's Statement on Diversity and Equity


The needs of humankind are universal. Our means of meeting them create the richness and diversity of the planet. The Montessori child should come to relish the texture of that diversity. Maria Montessori

At Aidan Montessori School we embrace and celebrate the diversity of our world. Our differences —including those of culture, race, ethnicity, religion, age, family structure, sex and sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socioeconomics, learning style, and world view, among others — form and inform a rich environment that is a crucial part of educating our children on their path to maturity and global citizenship. Our interactions across our entire community are characterized by guiding principles of respect, equity, justice, humanity, peace, and personal responsibility.

We oppose discrimination and consciously recognize the value of diversity throughout our hiring practices, admission process, classroom composition, professional development, and community activities.

On Inclusivity at Aidan

At Aidan, we believe that a full educational excellence requires an inclusive and diverse community.

In our classroom communities, we provide the right setting, materials and curriculum to foster peace and embrace differences. By promoting inclusion and collaboration, we encourage each other to be open-minded and appreciative of different ideas.

JEDI Committee

Aidan's Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (JEDI) Committee is a parent-led group designed to support and foster a dialogue among fellow Aidan families and faculty.

Learn more about this committee, its mission, goals, upcoming events and resources on the JEDI Committee page. 


Diversity Posts and News

JEDI Series, Part 1: "Courageous Conversations at Home"

Join us for part 1 of a new JEDI series, "Courageous Conversations at Home" on Wednesday, April 10 at 5 PM. We are excited to welcome Leslie Sinsay of Capital Hill Day School to help us navigate conversations around identity with our children.