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Parent Teacher Conferences - School Closed for all levels but Toddlers
all day

Parent Conferences will be held on Thursday and Friday, November 9 and 10. These meetings are an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss and share information about the child's program, progress, and experience at school and home. Conferences are scheduled at thirty-minute intervals through the Pick-a-Time system. If you had questions related to scheduling, please let us know.

Regular classes for Primary and Elementary students will not be held this Thursday in order that the faculty may be available to meet with parents. Toddler students will have class on Thursday, to be dismissed at the regular time (11:15 AM); their conferences will be after dismissal on Thursday and throughout Friday.

Child care is provided for Primary and Elementary students as a courtesy by our staff in the church basement hall during your conference time only.

Please remember that the PA has arranged for Aikido camp on these days - here's where to get contact information about that and review information to see if it's a good fit for your family.