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Montessori Parent Night

Learn More about Primary Montessori pedagogy.

Trying to get a handle on what your child is doing at school? These practical teacher-led sessions demonstrate how the materials and activities of the Primary curriculum within the context of the prepared environment satisfy your child's sensitive periods now and what benefits can be garnered for the future. Learn more about the progression and integration of the Montessori pedagogy. Open to parents of Toddler and Primary children.

This month's Montessori Parent Night will focus on what's not on the shelves. What are those intangibles that create and sustain freedom and compassion within the boundaries of the Montessori prepared environment? How are those lessons modeled, taught, reinforced, promoted, guided & redirected? How can all of this be emulated at home? Let's spend the 75 minutes looking in depth at the roles of consistency, boundary setting, and calling our children to a higher plane.