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JEDI Event: LGBTQI+ People in History 101
Sweet Gum Upper Elementary Classroom

"Parent through love, not fear. Parent through love, not trauma." - Dane Edidi

Dane Edidi Black, Indigenous and Latinx Author, Advocate, Performance Artist, Playwright, and Educator will be joining us again to teach us about LGBTQI+ in history. With context, storytelling, information and love, Dane will provide resources and information so we can best support our children from 2-12 years old.

We collectively believe that when children see themselves and diverse members of society represented in history, a true sense of respect, appreciation and understanding can manifest. We often don't realize how many important people have been omitted throughout historical education courses. It is this lack of information that leaves us ill-informed or completely uninformed. Often times we are left unsure on how to support our children as they navigate the world. So we ask ourselves as parents, how do we properly teach our children? Is teaching kindness without context enough?

What if in our Greek Mythology class we learned about the intersex deity Aphroditus and not just Aphrodite? How would that affect our understanding of gender? What if when we learned about the civil rights movement, alongside Martin Luther King Jr., we learned about Bayard Rustin and Marsha P. Johnson and all of their contributions? What if we learned that Take the "A" Train was actually written by Billy Strayhorn? Or that in countless ancient and Indigenous cultures Trans people existed? How would that change how we view of LGBTQ people as valuable contributing members of society? How would having these key pieces of information growing up change our perceptions, interactions and support?

Please join us as we dive into our journey in removing our fears and teaching with love!

Food and childcare will be provided, please let us know how many adults and children to expect.


The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee (JEDI) is a parent-led group who supports the families of the Aidan Community as well as the Faculty and Staff. Click here to learn more about the JEDI Committee and how to get involved.