Event Detail

Fall Market Day
St. Thomas Church Auditorium

Market Day is an annual event that occurs in the fall before the holiday break. The Aidan Elementary Market Day will take place on the morning of December 9th from 8:00-9:30 AM, and will be open to students, staff, and parents. As usual, this is a large group bake and craft sale that will take place in the St. Thomas Church Auditorium.

Market Day provides Elementary students with the opportunity to manage their own mini-businesses where they can sell their wares and baked goods and designate the profits toward the charity or non-profit of their choice. Students learn a ton from Market Day and also support a number of great causes.

This year, Market Day will be operating on both a dollar and coin based economy with a requirement that prices NOT be rounded to a dollar (i.e. $1.60 for a bag of cookies or $4.99 for a knit scarf, not $2 and $5) and no price will be higher than $4.99. This will provide students with many chances to practice challenging math in a real world setting.

Students will capture all sales on a ledger, and will be required to demonstrate a balanced ledger in order to "check out" at the end of the Market Day event.

In addition to helping run their own mini businesses, Elementary students will have the opportunity to shop the various tables set up by their peers. Elementary Market Day will only run in the morning for logistical reasons, and parents are encouraged to stop by the church auditorium before or after morning arrival. Primary students and siblings may also attend with parent supervision, but should plan to come back over to the school building by 8:30 AM to start their work cycle on time and minimize disruption.

We look forward to our upcoming Market Day and we hope you join us to support a worthy cause!