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Montessori Parent Night: Bridges
Ms. Hernandez' Primary Classroom, First Floor, Aidan Montessori School, 2700 27th St NW, Washington, DC 20008

The Aidan Bridge - the Structures Needed for Getting From Here to There

Open to parents of Toddlers & Primaries

Every day your child traverses several bridges - physically, emotionally and academically. Stroll (or drive speedily) with us across that divide whether it's over the Primary, Full Day, or Lower Elementary Spans as we discover what awaits on the other side or on the next floor. We'll explore the necessary links: the Montessori exercises of practical life, sensorial, language and math and how they are the foundations for successful passage. At the final destination of the night you'll receive a prize of 10+ Thing to Do at Home over the summer. Bridge the gap. The only toll is 75 minutes. (EZ Pass accepted.)

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