Event Detail

Spring Market Day
Church Hall, Basement, St Thomas Apostle Church, 2665 Woodley Rd NW, Washington, DC 20008

Market Day is a biannual event that occurs in the fall and the spring. The Aidan Spring Market Day will take place the morning of Monday, April 29 from 8:00-9:30 AM in the St. Thomas Church Auditorium and will be open to Elementary students, staff and parents. Unlike our Market Day in the fall, Spring Market Day will be operating entirely on a coin-based economy. No item will be priced greater than 95 cents!

Market Day provides Elementary students with the opportunity to manage their own mini-businesses where they can sell their wares and baked goods and designate the profits toward the charity or non-profit of their choice. By using a coin-based economy, students are able to incorporate and apply math skills using decimals in a practical setting. Students learn a ton fromMarket Day and support a number of great causes. Elementary students will also have the opportunity to shop the various tables set up by their peers.

Adults from all levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please note our Toddlers and Primary students will remain in their classrooms for their regular work cycle and will not attend Spring Market Day.

Come support a number of worthy causes. Grab your coin jars and browse the delightful array of baked goodies and crafts that will be for sale at Spring Market Day. We look forward to seeing you there!