Event Detail

Montessori Parent Night
Dogwood Classroom

The ultimate what-comes-next: Golden Beads and Beyond, an exploration of the Primary math materials that lead from the concrete to the abstract. It all adds up to a chance to multiply your knowledge of what your child will be doing. Ms. Wilson & Ms. Eckel will help you subtract your own personal insecurities about math and divide it all up for easy understanding.

Trying to get a handle on what your child is doing at school? Montessori Parent Nights are practical, teacher-led sessions demonstrate how the materials and activities of the Primary curriculum, within the context of the prepared environment, satisfy your child's sensitive periods now and what benefits can be garnered for the future. Learn more about the progression and integration of the Montessori pedagogy. Open to all parents of Toddler and Primary children.

These events are responsive to parent questions and curiosity. What would YOU like us to talk about next time? Email Denise at d.merkel@aidanschool.org with your questions and ideas.