Event Detail

Elementary Fair
Aidan Montessori School

This year's fair will feature student research and presentations about the lives of famous people.

Here are some pointers for attendees:

  • BETWEEN DISMISSAL AND THE FAIR: It is important for all participating students to rest and have a meal between dismissal and the evening's event.
  • WHEN TO ARRIVE: Doors open tomorrow evening at 5:45 PM for Elementary students to get set up in their respective rooms, and 6:00 PM for families, friends, and guests.
  • SIBLINGS AND OTHER CHILDREN: Other siblings and children need to be with a parent at all times. There is no childcare or campus supervision for non-Elementary children.
  • PICK UP: Please pick students up from the classroom at 7:15 PM, which is when the Elementary Fair will end.

Questions? Please feel free to email your classroom teachers or Jimi at j.purse@aidanschool.org.