Event Detail

Community Service: Pre-Made Sandwich Drop-Off

Don't forget to bring your pre-made ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, and sunflower butter "sun butter" and jelly sandwiches (no peanut butter, please) to school at morning arrival on Monday, February 27 for McKenna's Wagon. All assembled sandwiches will be delivered to McKenna's Wagon on Monday, February 27, where they will be distributed to our neighbors the very same day.

Participation instructions:

  • Please wear gloves while preparing your sandwiches!
  • Whole wheat bread is preferred.
  • Sandwiches should be: ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, or sun butter and jelly. Per McKenna's Wagon's request, no peanut butter please!
  • Pro tip: mix the sun butter & jelly in one bowl for quicker sandwich making.
  • For meat and cheese sandwiches, please do not apply condiments and keep sandwiches refrigerated until drop-off.
  • Please individually wrap each sandwich in foil or sandwich bags and label them 'T/C' for turkey and cheese, or 'H/C' for ham and cheese, and 'SB/J' for sunflower butter and jelly.
  • Pack all of your individually-wrapped sandwiches in an easy-to-carry box and label the box with the sandwich type and the date they were made and bring them to Aidan on the morning of Monday, February 27.

There is no limit or minimum requirement for the number of sandwiches-the more, the merrier. And you can make "SANDWICH SUNDAY" a really fun day by inviting family and friends to participate or host their own sandwich drive. McKenna's Wagon is Martha's Table mobile food service, and goes out 365 days each year to distribute warm meals, sandwiches, and healthy snacks at two downtown locations. To learn more, visit: https://marthastable.org/sandwiches/