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Nurturing Your Child's Emotional Health (NYCEH): Fall Session Class 4

Don't miss the fourth session of Nurturing Your Child's Emotional Health (NYCEH) on Tuesday, November 9 at 9:00 AM and we hope you can join us!

Learn to recognize, validate, and respond to your child's emotions, and identify which strategies are best for cultivating healthy emotions. Aidan's School Counselor, Courtenay Labson, will guide you through John Gottman's handbook, The Heart of Parenting, to help you understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence as it relates to aspects of Yale's RULER program. Become practiced in ways to be empathetic, to set limits and to problem solve using Gottman's five steps of emotional coaching.

Dedicate yourself to the five morning sessions; the reward will be an enriched bond between you and your child! In addition to next Tuesday's session, please be sure to mark your calendar for the final class dates: 12/7. Please note that NYCEH will take place via Zoom and all classes will begin at 9:00 AM. Use the link below to access Tuesday's meeting! We hope you can join us!

NYCEH Zoom Meeting Link