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30 Minute Montessori

New to Montessori? Curious about what your Primary child is doing at school? Want to support your child's Montessori experience at home? Fear not, 30 Minute Montessori is here to help! Join Director of Education Mariana Vicéns and Lower School Substitute Gwynne Manty once a month for a short, informative virtual experience on all things Montessori. Part inspiration and part information, 30 Minute Montessori will provide families with great practical tips to help explain what your Primary child is doing in class and to build connection between home and school.

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Did you know your child is naturally inclined to learn mathematics? Ever wonder what the 1,000 bead chain or number rods are for?

From the first day that students enter the Montessori prepared environment, adults are busy indirectly laying the foundations for critical and creative mathematical thinking, not only through the way the materials are ordered on the shelves - from left to right, top to bottom, ordered in terms of complexity-but also, through implementing ten units (preparation for the decimal system) in many of the sensorial activities. These concepts are later made more direct or explicit, but only when the children are ready for them.

Curious to see when and how you can support your child with math? Then, join Ms. Gwynne Manty and Ms. Mariana Vicéns on Thursday, November 18 at 9:30 AM to learn more about the Math progression at the Primary Level.

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