Event Detail

Journey & Discovery, Part 2 CANCELLED

Get a glimpse of how the beautiful and inviting Montessori materials transform your child: a Journey then a Discovery. Part 2 on Saturday.

The "Silent Journey of Discovery" is an event designed and implemented by Barbara Gordon - a legendary Montessorian. The idea behind the silent journey is to give parents an opportunity to experience a working cycle themselves and contemplate the Montessori Philosophy from a different and meaningful angle.

This two-day event starts with a journey through multiple classrooms spanning the entire Montessori progression from Toddler Level all the way to Upper Elementary.

We invite you to experience the magic of a Montessori Prepared Environment and discover how the lessons learned and experiences in our early programs set the tone and lay an important foundation to prepare our students for critical thinking skills in the upper programs. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a sense of how the Montessori Philosophy unfolds through the eyes of your child.

Come and be your child for a day!


This program is designed to be undertaken as a whole. You must attend both Friday evening and Saturday morning sessions.