Event Detail

Community Service: Hospital Art Kits
School Lobby

Ever had to endure a looooong wait while trying to occupy a sick or injured child? Continue to build that generous spirit within your family by supporting our efforts to assist patients visiting the emergency room at Children's Hospital National Medical Center. You can help by gifting $10 to offset the cost of materials (envelope in the office), and/or by assembling the art & activity kits. Easy, fun, step-by-step work for Montessori children of all ages. What better way to spend an afternoon than by meeting the responsibility to enlighten ourselves - and children of all ages - to the importance of altruism in action!

Please note that we are presently looking for co-chair(s) to help organize a few things in advance, to set up/clean up that day, and to deliver the goodies during the week following. Contact Denise at d.merkel@aidanschool.org if you can help!

In event of inclement weather, we'll reschedule for February 4, same time.