Ms. Rosario Londono



Rosario is the co-founder of The League of Intrapreneurs and most recently the Global Finance, Mindfulness and Technology Lab. With over 17 years of experience designing and executing social innovation and impact investing interventions in the public and private sectors with the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB Group). Rosario advises, systemic partnerships, companies, executives and individuals on how to design and execute high impact innovations. Some of her recent clients include Prodigy Networks, The Foundation for Commercializing Innovation, The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business For the Planet, The Imperative Fund and The ImagineNations Group. She is also privileged to be an Adjunct Professor at American University in Washington DC, where she teaches graduate students how to drive change inside large organizations. Rosario is an Economist from Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia with an MPA from Columbia University and Executive Degrees in International Finance and Capital Markets from Georgetown University. She is a Fellow of the E-100 Network and has served on the Board of the Latin American Youth Center in Washington, DC. Her daughter Chiara is in Ms. Henke's Upper Elementary classroom.