Aidan Program for Families (APF)

We work closely with our parents to provide the best possible experience for children. The relationship between home and school should be harmonious and interdependent.

At Aidan we offer help and support in the form of the Aidan Program for Families (APF). The goal of APF is to help parents create and maintain a home environment that complements the Montessori experience of their child at school. When we work together with parents, we do a better job of allowing each child to realize his or her greatest potential for learning and to become an independent, self-motivated and contributing member of the world community. 

Here is a summary of APF events:

Montessori Beginnings

Expectant parents and those caring for an infant can take Prenatal Yoga, Parent/Infant Yoga or Parent/Infant Community to experience the Montessori approach to very young children. 

Montessori Parent Nights

A chance to discuss parenting and the Montessori experience with Aidan faculty and staff.

Montessori Makeovers

Informal discussions of ways to make every room at home more Montessori-friendly.

Book Clubs

Evening gatherings to discuss the ideas, theories and practices described in a current parenting book.

Classroom Observations 

Parents will receive invitations each year to observe their child in the classroom. For Observation FAQs please click here.

Journey and Discovery

A unique opportunity for “hands on” experience with Montessori materials. Adults attend one evening for a journey through Toddler, Primary and Elementary classrooms and then return the next morning to work with materials. Each session ends with a lively discussion. In fall 2014, Journey & Discovery will take place on October 24-25.

For questions regarding the Aidan Program for Families please contact Ms. Merkel at

APF Events

No APF events are currently available.