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Book Recommendation: Clever Beatrice
Book Recommendation: Clever Beatrice

Clever Beatrice by Margaret Willey, illustrated by Heather M. Solomon. Ages 4-8.

This is one of our wonderful Book Fair additions to the Library, and it is not a new book but I want to recommend it to you because it is a gem, and not as well-known as it should be. It won the Charlotte Zolotow Award which is for outstanding writing in a picture book; the illustrations are also striking and beautiful.

Willey combined and reinterpreted some Northern American folktales to create the story of Beatrice, a smart, determined, resourceful girl, and a giant whom Beatrice manages to trick out of some of his gold. With this heroine who is a great role model for girls, the author and illustrator show that "strength can mean much more than muscle power." (Kirkus Reviews)

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