Aidan Program for Families (APF)

Let’s work together to discover our shared values that will help your child thrive emotionally, intellectually, and compassionately here at Aidan, at home, and in the global community.

The Aidan Program for Families (APF) creates a forum to establish relationships that support and empower parents as they embrace the changes that come with a dynamic family life. As such, Aidan offers assistance to our families in establishing and sustaining an optimum loving and supportive home environment. All adults in the lives of the children - parents, grandparents, caregivers - are invited to participate in the exchange of information and ideas interweaving the principles of Montessori pedagogy and RULER with current research on child development.

These programs foster a harmonious and interdependent relationship between home and school, expanding our educational reach beyond the classroom and directly into your hands. The discussions and presentations place the responsibility to learn and become informed about Montessori theory and practice in your hands since you are your child’s first and most influential educator. Topics are chosen as to be relevant to today’s families as they relate to the intricacies of raising children in the 21st century.

APF is designed to help you better understand and employ Montessori principles at home with your children. There are events every month – you have a right and a responsibility to participate!

APF Events

One of the best resources the APF provides Aidan parents are its educational events. For overviews of the types of events we hold as well as upcoming event dates and RSVP information, please visit the APF Event Page.

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