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Our Strategic Plan was developed via a community-wide inclusive process, and we are committed to continuing the dialogue as the Plan enters the implementation phase. As such, we invite you to join the discussion at one of our three Aidan 2020 Round Table events. Each gathering will be held in the Library Lounge of the Woodley Apartments, across from Aidan, and will include a brief overview of our Strategic Plan provided by Head of School Kathy Minardi and Board President Dean Garfield, as well as an opportunity for discussion and questions about our shared vision for the future of Aidan.

Dec. 11, 8:15am

Jan. 21, 8:15am

Jan. 27, 7:00pm

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*All Round Tables will be held in The Woodley Apartments (directly across from the school).

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Strategic Plan Launch Letter 2012

Dear Aidan Community,

It is with great excitement that we present Aidan 2020: Envisioning Our Future, Embracing Our Past. In this 2014 Strategic Plan, we present a vision for a sustainable future and a framework for attaining it. Our planned initiatives will enable Aidan to seize opportunities for growth and innovation and rise to the challenges we face in the twenty-first century, while remaining firmly grounded in the core principles at the heart of our Montessori foundation.

The preparation for adulthood in an increasingly global society is indeed the unique goal and challenge of educational institutions today. Although much has changed in the fifty years since Aidan was established, our enduring focus on connecting children to their community and the world has enabled our School to sustain an influential and relevant role in the new age, well ahead of the reforms underway in conventional education. We remain confident in our reputation as Washington’s premier Montessori school and will continue to affirm our position as one of the region’s leading early and middle childhood educational options.

Likewise, our Strategic Plan reaffirms Aidan’s deep commitment to the authentic Montessori principles and practice that continue to propel us to the forefront of education. Well proven for more than a century, the Montessori environment nurtures life through guidance and interest. The Method is fully integrated, finely-tuned, and designed to optimally support development of children cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. It is upon these authentic and fundamental Montessori principles that we plan to secure our future.

Aidan 2020 is an invitation to journey forward with us as we pursue our mission through deep and meaningful connections with and between children, families, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, neighboring schools, and our greater Washington community. Our objectives are ambitious and attainable, and focus on three aspects of the Aidan experience: Children, Culture, and Community. While each area is independent, they form a cohesive whole, strengthening areas we have identified for growth and opportunity, and leading us toward a vibrant future.

Now more than ever, Aidan requires a commitment on the part of all who participate in the life of our School — a commitment to our foundation, our future, our children, and our role in helping them achieve their greatest human potential. A funding plan will follow as we begin to undertake implementation. We commit to keeping you engaged and informed every step of the way, and look forward to achieving our shared vision for Aidan.

Enjoy Aidan 2020!

Kathy Minardi, Head of School

Dean Garfield, President, Aidan Board of Trustees