Faculty & Staff

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Head's Office

Kevin Clark, Head of School [email]
Denise Merkel, Coordinator, Aidan Program for Families (APF) [email]

School Administrative Offices

Christine Kranz Smith, Associate Head of School [email]
Nichole David, Director of Toddler & Primary [email]
Grace Lee, Director of Admissions [email]
Alfreda Antonucci, Admissions Associate [email]
Linda Fincham, Front Office Manager [email]
Jackie Gibson-Barrow, School Assistant [email]

Annex Administrative Offices

Bob McQuitty, Chief Financial Officer [email]
Carmelita Sangalang, Controller [email]
Zelalem Geberu, Staff Accountant [email]
Jessica Allen Young, Interim Director of Advancement [email
Cassie Sherman-Marks, Director of Communications & Marketing
Tam Scribner, Graphic and Website Designer [email]

Montessori Faculty & Assistants

Toddler Communities (Ground Floor)

Teacher: Allison Rawls Manuel [email]
Assistant: Sasmita Bryant [email]; Justiina Finley-Simonds [email] 
Teacher: Iris Williams [email]
Assistants:  Lakmali Cooray [email]; Eva Esparza [email]


Primary Classes (First Floor)

Teacher: Linda Tyler [email]
Assistant: Lanka Mudannayake [email]
Teacher: Monserrat Hernández [email]
Assistant: Mila Rey [email]


Primary Classes (Second Floor)

Teacher: Teri Eckel [email]
Assistant: Sudharshini Perera [email]
Teacher: Caitlin Spencer [email]
Assistant: Corey Bales [email]


Lower Elementary Classes (Third Floor)

Teacher: Zahra Majeed [email]
Assistant: Shirley Cogasi [email]
Teacher: Camille Russell [email]
Assistant: Joy Messick [email]


Upper Elementary Class (Ground Floor)

Teacher: Elizabeth Henke [email]
Assistant: Alison Kingsley [email]

Specialty Faculty

Gillian Rozicer, Art History and Elementary Studio [email]
Lydia Mosher, Cultural Arts [email]
Fanfan Maguire, Mandarin Chinese [email]
Joseph Wood, Outdoor & Physical Educator [email]
Eva Esparza, Music and Toddler Assistant [email]
Patrick Busch, Librarian and Media Advisor [email]
Joanna Kendrick, School Tutor [email]
Jessica Kwerel, School Counselor [email]
John Feeley, Substitute for Teachers [email]

Tatiana Barnes, Substitute for Assistants [email] 


After School Programs

Alden Kendall, Director of ASP [email]
Joseph Wood, Director of Discovery Programs [email]
Zinat Khraishah, ASP Assistant [email]