Faculty & Staff


Head's Office

Kathleen M. Minardi, Head of School [email]
Patricia Mayo, Director of Strategic Initiatives [email]

School Administrative Offices

Christine Kranz Smith, Associate Head of School [email]
Nichole David, Director of Toddler & Primary [email]
Alfreda Antonucci, Director of Admissions [email]
Linda Fincham, Front Office Manager [email]

Annex Administrative Offices

Bob McQuitty, Chief Financial Officer [email]
Pat Silverman, Director of Advancement [email]
Megan Simpson, Director of Communications & Events
Carmelita Sangalang, Controller
Zelalem Geberu, Bookkeeper
Jessica Allen, Development Associate/Data Manager
Tam Scribner, Graphic and Website Designer

Montessori Faculty & Assistants

Toddler Communities (Ground Floor)

Teacher: Denise Merkel [email]
Assistants: Jackie Gibson-Barrow, Bernadette Fernando
Teacher: Iris Williams [email]
Assistants: Lakmali Cooray, Eva Esparza


Primary Classes (First Floor)

Teacher: Linda Tyler [email]
Assistant: Lanka Mudannayake
Teacher: Monserrat Hernández [email]
Assistant : Mila Rey


Primary Classes (Second Floor)

Teacher: Teri Eckel [email]
Assistant: Sudharshini Perera
Teacher: Caitlin Spencer [email]
Assistant: Corey Latta


Lower Elementary Classes (Third Floor)

Teacher: Zahra Majeed [email]
Assistant: Shirley Cogasi
Teacher: Elizabeth Henke [email]
Assistant: Camille Russell (teacher, fall) [email]


Upper Elementary Class (Ground Floor)

Teacher: Reg Britz [email]
Assistant: Alison Kingsley

Specialty Faculty

Gillian Rozicer, Art History
Lydia Mosher, Cultural & Studio Art
Natalia López, Spanish
Fanfan Maguire, Mandarin Chinese
Joseph Wood, Outdoor & Physical Educator
Eva Esparza, Music
Patrick Busch, Librarian and Media Advisor
Patrice Britz, Director of Tutoring
Joanna Kendrick, Math Learning Specialist
Jessica Kwerel, School Counselor

Anne McLaughlin, Substitute for Assistants
                            (Lower Elementary Assistant, fall)
Allison Rawls Manuel, Aidan Program for Families

After School Programs

Alden Kendall, ASP Co-Director
Joy Guest, ASP Co-Director
Joseph Wood, Director of Discovery Programs
Zinat Khraishah, ASP Assistant