Board of Trustees

The Aidan Board is responsible for setting the mission of the school, establishing overall policy, assuring the school’s financial stability and selecting the Head of School.

It’s members serve staggered three-year terms, and are required to attend monthly Board Meetings and serve on Board Committees. Aidan’s Board is made up of current and alumni parents plus administrators from other schools.

The 2014-15 Aidan Board:

  • Dean Garfield (President)
  • Kimberly Johnson (Vice President)
  • Hilary Provinse (Treasurer)
  • Isabelle Von Kohorn (Secretary)
  • Josh Ackil
  • Erika Braddock
  • Brandon Fields
  • Kristen Franklin
  • Erin Jones
  • Albert Lee
  • Andrew Kay
  • Rebecca Kim
  • Eleanor Maguire
  • Christopher Manning
  • Mia Montgomery
  • Sandra Ortiz
  • Vivek Patil
  • Bryan Patten
  • Michael Smith
  • Jesus Soriano
  • Val Wise